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Freebox Mobile Medical apps


[W] Homepage
Developers: Eclipse, ADT, tutorial Blog Videos Resources
  10 Attractive tutorials
Kinoma (combines apps into upper level)
LinkedIn groups: 1 2 3
App Inventor: [W] [Y] TechCrunch Blog
  Wolber: Blog
appMobi: Community [Y]
  Uses PhoneGap
Appcelerator Titanium: [W] Forum Wiki
  Compiles JavaScript to native code
PhoneGap: [W] Wiki Group YT1
  Uses JavaScript, PHP, HTML5
  Evolution to Apache Callback
Balsamiq: Mockup app builder
Ripple Phone Emulator for HTML5 apps
HTML5: Tutorials YT1 YT2

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HP TouchPad: [W] Group
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Android for TP: 1 2 3
CyanogenMod9 GApps Tutorial OhHeyItsLou

Notion Ink Adam: [W] Official Forum
Rohan's Blog
ARCHOS: [W] Homepage
Open ARCHOS OS Archos 80 G8 docs
Archos Lounge Archos 70 IT forum
Tablet Support Forum

Samsung E60 ereader: [W]
Hacked E60 homepage Le Monde

iPAQ 5550: [W] Review

iriver E100: [W] Review Downloads

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