UNIX -- shell hell

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Substituting text
Substitute in entire file (%) globally (ie, in entire line) with confirmation (c):
:%s/thwas/this/gc [Return]
The following prompt appears at the bottom of the screen:
You, too, use thwas new text file
Hit y[Return] to do it, or just [Return] to skip substitution.

:1,$s/mispelling/misspelling/ [Return]
:5,8s/mispelling/misspelling/ [Return]
In the first example, the address 1,$ indicates that the substitution should begin on line one (1)
and end at the last line of the file ($). In the second example, 5,8 indicates lines 5 to 8. 
You do not need to use the g operator because the change is only necessary ONCE on each line.

Deleting a Block of Text
The delete command in ex is d, just as in vi. To delete from the current line to the end of the file:
:.,$d [Return]

Archiving, backup:
Info-ZIP; Lots of UNIX and other tools;

Shell hell:
Csh Programming Considered Harmful

X, Motif, DECwindows:
xterm FAQ Customization

Keyboard mapping
/usr/bin/X11/xterm -sb -ls -display xtree:0.0 -sl 2000 -xrm 
  'XTerm*VT100.translations: #override \n Shift Up: scroll-back(1,lines)'

X consortium; ftp.x.org; : X arcade, board, networking games: JETSET, Tetris, chess; Motif 2.0

OpenVMS vs. UNIX:
"OpenVMS vs. UNIX" (antagonists or sisters?)
VMS to UNIX Translation

Updated: 20060929
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