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The official OpenVMS sites

The OpenVMS community
LegacyOS.org Connect OpenVMSToday
montagar.com: Old DEC books The DFWCUG Historical CPU Preservation Society
OpenVMS Hobbyist VMSblog (Bill Pedersen) www.process.com The Goat HoffmanLabs

En Francais:
Tutorials on DCL, security, administration

Usenet, forums, lists:
OpenVMS Friends
Computing.Net OpenVMS forum

Encompass (ex-DECUS):
Encompasserve Australia
NOTES conferences

Industry Reviews, Opinions, Controversies:
OpenVMS articles on OSnews
ZDnet: VMS alive and kicking VMS revival

Island Co. eBay

Never used OpenVMS? Get free accounts here :
DEATHROW OpenVMS cluster
Ludens telnet access (Username: GUEST)
polarhome - accounts for many OSes

Tutorials, Programming:

GNV -- GNU's not VMS project VMS ports
FreeVMS: freshmeat wikipedia

Emulators, Migration:
Charon-VAX, Charon-AXP
FreeAXP (ES40) forum

File managers:
Norton Commander clones: VTfm,

Editors, viewers:
SEDT (Anker bostonsearoverATgmailDOTcom)

Archiving, backup:
VMS BACKUP readers on Unix/NT 1; 2
Info-ZIP; General archiving site; Lots of UNIX and other tools;
UPX -- compreses .EXEs on many platforms;

Oscar's Menu Interpreter (DCL)

CD-ROM and DVD tools:
Optical Storage Solutions for VMS
CD-ROM god -- many drivers
GoldenHawk CDRWIN
Motif CD player
ODS-2/ISO-9600 dual format tools
TMESIS instructions for creating ODS-2/ISO-9600 CD-ROMS for VMS. Uses LD062 and MKISOFS and CDRECORD.
Lots of info on CD-R technology; write ODS-2 CD-ROM on PC
VMS CD writer
BurnIT, Java-based interface to CDRECORD, CDWRITE, mkisofs, DISKCOPY
Transferring LPs to CD-ROM

Windows NT (VMS + 1 = WNT):
Windows NT is VMS re-implemented
Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story

Monad shell, the new Windows command line interface with DCL similarities.
Chat and interview with Jeffrey Snover.
Monad Is Cool; DPM Is Done Codename "MONAD" Example 1

X, Motif, DECwindows:
VNC - Virtual Network Computing: Home ? VMS port
X consortium; ftp.x.org; X, DECwindows: XSCREENSAVER; : X arcade, board, networking games: JETSET, Tetris, chess; OpenVMS and OSF/1 CD-ROMs: (or WWW); Motif 2.0
XPDF:PDF viewer for VMS and other platforms. Links to other PDF sites
Lesstif: Motif freeware clone viewer for VMS and other platforms. Links to other PDF sites
XV:viewer for many graphic formats
Patrick Moreau: CENA VMS sources; VMS Audio; VMS MPEG; DECwindows archive
FVWM: VMS DECwindows manager with multiple desktops
Ghostscript binaries
Hyperreader (reads Bookreader in web browser)
Dr Bernd Ulmann - vaxman.de
Robert Gezelter
James F. Duff - eight-cubed.com
Hans Vlems
www.process.com (old WKU fileserver) VMS freeware
Ruslan R. Laishev
Foteos Macrides, maintains SWING, Lynx; LYNX.BROWSER.ORG; Lynx binaries;
MadGoat.Com: PCX, read/write PC disks on VMS;
Digital Dog newsletter
Touch Technologies: DECdecision, DECdocument, DECquery...
www.wfeb.edu:VMS VMS Brasil
WEBIFY, makes web-browsable trees of hypertext files and JPG images. Sources are here
Lots of tools: SAMBA; VMS tools;
VMS PD tools;
Levitte.Org; Arne Vajhoj's VMS page: books, docs, tips, archives; VMSperl
ASCII to HTML converter for VMS, and other free VMS stuff and ports from UNIX;
Samba; Samba, free VMS SMB server
VMS tools:SDIR (Sorted dir .FOR source)
Eigen Corp: Eigen Utilites for VMS
VSM VMS software house
Accelr8 TechnologyFree DCL emulator
TGVThird Party Tools: Touch
Info-VAX archive: Not complete; Info-VAX archive: Complete .ZIPs
decvax.org: DECrescue list
Native PDF viewer FIXUP_IMAGE: allows execution on earlier version of VMS (VAX only)
Jur van der Burg, LDDRIVER
Kernel Mode Systems
ANSWER (~DCL INQUIRE with timeout) Martin P.J. Zinser
Xdelta, Colin Butcher
David J. Dachtera
Jim Kingdon

Unix-Haters Handbook
"OpenVMS vs. UNIX" (antagonists or sisters?)
VMS to UNIX Translation

Updated: 20201110
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