ZEN -- ZTree Environment Nirvana :-)

The ZTree environment is all of these: file and disk manager with split screen capability; flexible and sophisticated program launcher; keystroke recorder and player; a 32/64-bit Windows console (fast!) application with dynamically resizable windows; Registry- and GUI-free (but co-existing peacefully); compact (fits on a floppy); fast, with excellent contextual online help. ZTree operates with independently developed assistant applications; boasts probably the most intuitive, efficient and user-friendly interface invented; maintains a separate history list for every single command, preserving all user input; is constantly evolving; has a large following of professionals and power users (who are somewhat spoiled by almost instant, direct user-to-developer contact); and more...

The built-in (text-only) viewer allows hex-editing, multi-file view, bookmarks, ANSI/OEM and Unicode (UTF-8/UTF-16LE/UTF-16BE) character mappings, searching in both directions, text wrapping, filtering out non-printable characters, and clipboard copy and append functions. This last, unique, feature allows convenient "gathering" of lines from different files into a single one.

But the advanced and so-called "power" users also use its built-in Application Menu for tasks not normally associated with classic file and disk management, but rather, with "productivity" activities. With some creativity, the Application Menu becomes: a free-form information organizer; an outliner; a note-taking and blogging tool; a task-oriented solution builder; a portable trouble-shooting toolbox for experienced users and administrators; a simple project management tool; a scrapbook and clipboard; a simple text editor; a text reader and browser; an elegant way of gathering your batch and other script files under a single, easy to organize menu system; a simple "database"...

Thanks to its unique and innovative navigation and keystroke techniques, ZTree is an all-around work and time saver. Disk space and maintenance will equally decrease, because ZTree will greatly reduce your collection of random scripts and utilities you must keep around for those rare, specialized tasks.

As with any other complex and sophisticated environment, mastering ZTree's extensive set of features requires patience, dedication and discipline, but the rewards come soon and are immense!

No doubt, the novice user may find this power overwhelming and of no immediate interest. This is not surprising. However, computer professionals and serious users wishing to evolve and improve their efficiency owe it to themselves to take a hard, serious, look at ZTree.

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