ZEN -- ZTree Environment Nirvana :-)
The words: zen (enlightenment by direct intuition...) and nirvana
(a state of oblivion to care, pain...)
come to mind when describing this
unique desktop environment conceived exclusively for thinking humans.
ZTree respects (high or special regard, giving particular attention to)
your time, common sense, dignity, well-being, and work efficiency (more...)

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ZTree's Unique Features
 Keyboard Macros
 Application Menu Directives
 Command History
 Batch processing
 eXecute (OS shell)

ZTree Projects and Hacks
We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us
         -- Marshall McLuhan

 Application Menu Library
 AutoHotkey scripts (FF EZFF). Download Z Z Z Z
    icons used in FF and EZFF
 DAFNO -- Name obfuscator

ZTreeWin Assistant Application Programs
 What is a ZAAP?
 Ian Binnie's tools
  ZbarJpegView JPEG and EXIF viewer
  ZaapR Universal ZAAP Relayer

ZTree Enhancement Proposals
 A ZEP is a request for a new ZTree feature.
 Send ZEPs to wishlist@zedtek.com,
 or post on ZTwiki
 The tip of my ZEPberg

ZTree related sites
 Unofficial ZTree Home Page
 Zedtek, Inc. Downloads
 Colin Liebenrood's ZTree docs (PDF)
 BetaNews ZTree reviews
 XTree Gold Fan Page
 XTREE.COM -- the legend

Clones and other File Managers
 Explorer++ Tabbed Explorer clone
 freeCommander Forum Dual-pane Explorer clone
 XYplorer Tabbed file manager
 The Orthodox File Manager (OFM) Paradigm

ZTree Fun and Trivia

Some high-KIQ (Keyboard IQ) tools I use daily or experiment with
 AutoHotkey Forums Commands automates almost anything
 Notepad++ Forums text editor with tabs, zoom...
 Firefox great KIQ!
 Input Director share keyboard and mouse across PCs. Indispensable!
 Screenshot Captor Forum
 JpegView My Alt+V in ZTree uses this
 Lynx web browser (CLI, batch)
 Google Drive collaboration and office in the cloud
 1by1 directory-based MP3 player (no playlists needed!)
 Wordnet free dictionary (CLI)
 ZoomIt eyesight saver
 7-Zip archiver and file manager
 Wink Forum screen recorder

Tools of the future: Self-contained and Registry-/Install-free
 Portable applications
 TiddlyWiki self-contained wiki

Technical newsletters and communities
 Scot's Newsletter  Ask Woody (Windows Secrets)
 Betanews  Donation Coder

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Zedtek, Inc., other than being a very happy
user and enthusiastic ZTree fan. Some photos used on this site are of unknown origin.
If any rights have been violated, please let me know and due credit will be accorded.
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