The Zebra Puzzle

This puzzle pops up in my mail every couple of years. I've adapted it for
ZTree forum's "family" use. The house owners are some random folks
from the Top 15 list in this forum.

  1. There are 5 houses, each of a unique color
  2. Owners all have different pets
  3. Owners all drink different drinks
  4. Owners have strong feelings about certain ZTree FEATURES
  5. Steve lives in the red house
  6. Jim has a dog
  7. Dan drinks tea
  8. The Green house is to the left of the White house
  9. In the Green house they drink coffee
  10. In the yellow house they are scared of PRUNE
  11. In the Middle house they drink Milk
  12. The man who likes GRAFT has birds
  13. Mark lives in the first house
  14. The man who likes MACROS lives in the house next to the house with cats
  15. In the house next to the house where they have a horse, they like PRUNE
  16. Kim hates BUGS
  17. Mark lives next to the blue house
  18. They drink water in the house next to the house where they like MACROS
  19. The man who likes YACOs drinks Beer
Q: Whose pet is the Zebra?