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ZTree operational settings and user preferences are accessed via the Alt+F10 keystroke. This important data is stored in a small binary file, ZTW.INI. The possibilities are numerous and often require a deep understanding how ZTree operates.

Fortunately, the default values are well chosen so that most users usually forget about using Alt+F10 once they have chosen their editor, colors, date and time formats and similar basic preferences.

However, you should review the available settings at least once, to get a feeling of what is available. One good way to start is to print this page and read it at your leisure. Note that some settings are biased towards legacy XTree Gold users and will make you much less productive if you don't change them! An example is File and Directory Window Restoration on Page 3. Please consider setting all options (from H to L) from No to Yes. You will be glad you did!

It is not rare that new feature requests from casual ZTree users are answered by: "Hit Alt+F10, it's already there..."

I messed up my settings! What now?

If you lose track of the original "factory" settings, it is easy to re-create them. Copy the following ZTree base files into an empty directory:


Then go to that directory and run the ZTW.EXE you just copied. This will generate a new ZTW.INI file with the default values for that particular version of ZTree, v1.50 in the example below. You can now move this new ZTW.INI file to your standard ZTree directory, or use it as a reference to correct the problems in the original one. (More...)

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 1 of 6
 Support Programs
     A Editor:          EDIT.COM          START C:\1\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
     B Alt-Editor:      START EDIT.COM    START C:\1\NoteTab\NoteTab.exe
     C Viewer:          (Internal) 
     D Alt-Viewer:      (Internal)        START C:\1\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
     E JFC Compare:     TFC.BAT
     F Alt-JFC Compare: TFC.BAT
     J Numeric format                              1,234,567
     K Date format                                 mm-dd-yy   yyyy-mm-dd
     L Time format                                 23:14
 Disk and Directory Logging & Refreshing
     P Disk logging method                         Root Only
     Q Log files in disk root                      Yes        No
     R Automatically refresh directories           Always
     S Refresh directory when file window entered  No    
     T Refresh directory when file window exited   No
     U Swap Log and Ctrl-Log key assignments       No         Yes

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 2 of 6
 Display Format
     A Number of characters wide                   80         MAX
     B Number of rows high                         25         60
     C Scroll bars                                 
     D Disable file colorization in ZCOLORS.INI    No
     E Kilobytes displayed as multiples of         1024       1000
 Directory Window Format and Control
     H Condensed tree width                        No         Yes
     I Highlight bar                               Scrolling
     J Hide System/Hidden directories              No
 File Window Format and Control
     N File display                                Name       Name, Size, Attr, Date
     O Display lines between filenames             No
     P File window paging like directory window    No
     Q Access to file windows with no matches      No
     R Access to empty file windows                No (dependent on above)
 Execute Window Format
     U Brief eXecute command headings              No

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 3 of 6
  File Sorting
     A Initial Sort method                         Name       Date
     B Initial Sort order                          Ascending
     C Initial Sort character set                  OEM
     D Skip Alt-Copy/Move sorting by path          No
 File and Directory Window Restoration
     H Maintain file position in each directory    No         Yes
     I Maintain last file view for each drive      No         Yes
     J Restore file position on Alt-Sort           No         Yes
     K Restore file position after Ctrl-function   No         Yes
     L Restore file position after F3 refresh      No         Yes
 Enter Key Assignments in Specific Windows
     P Directory - Bypasses small file window      Yes
     Q File - Invokes view                         No
     R eXecute - Closes window after executing     No
     S F9 Menu - Closes menu after executing       No

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 4 of 6
 Confirmation and Prompts
     A Quit confirmation                           Yes        Yes
     B Prune confirmation                          PRUNE      Y
     C Ctrl-Copy/Move - Prompt for empty target    Yes        No
     D Rename protection (Confirm/Attributes)      Confirm
 Filespec Definitions
     H Treat leading "." as "*."                   No
     I Treat trailing "*" & no "." as "*.*"        No         Yes
     J "<" & ">" include specified date/size       No
 Tagging Operations
     N Invert current file tag with space key      No         Yes
     O Partial untag only successful operations    No         Yes
     P File window Ctrl/Alt-Up/Down to tag/untag   No         Yes
 Input Line Options
     T Highlight and default input values          No         Yes
     U Rename function - Tab case mode             Name & Extension Name only
     V Enable F2 and F11 on non-destination input  No

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 5 of 6
     A Search skip movement                        Page
     B Disable display mode detection              No         Yes
     C Ctrl-View - start viewing at current file   No
     D Display archive list output for             View
     H Show Edit command prompt                    No
     I Prevent edit command on read-only files     No
 History and Bookmark Lists
     N History wraps at ends                       No         Yes
     O Bookmarks wrap at ends                      No
     P Leading '@' omits command from history      No         Yes
     Q History saves one character entries         No         Yes
 File Comparing
     U Ignore 2 second timestamp difference        No
     V Ignore 1 hour timestamp difference          No
 Alt-Copy, Move and Mirror
     X Default path mode                           Full
     Y Alt-Copy Relative after Alt-Compare         No

ZTreeWin - Configuration - v1.50                                 Page 6 of 6
     A Override attributes (F2 Default)            No         +RSH
     B Rename/new-date set +A attribute            Yes
     C Copy/Move "R" attribute (F5 default)        =R
     D Copy/Move "A" attribute (F6 default)        +A
 Open Mode Spell Searching
     H File/directory name spell search            No         Yes
     I Reassign + - and * for spell searching      No
     J Reassign < > and ? for spell searching      No         Yes
     K Reassign [ and ] for spell searching        No         Yes
     P Headers printed by default                  Off
 Recycle Bin
     R Use Recycle Bin by default for              Delete & Prune None

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